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The Bill Pickett Rodeo, based in Denver, Colorado, is the only all-black invitational rodeo in America.  Black cowboys compete seasonally for points toward the best-all-around cowboy at rodeo events in major U.S. cities.  ..Contact Larry Price for specific info on individual article on Bill Pickett:..Bill Pickett was born near Taylor, Texas in 1870. He was later called the "Greatest Cowboy" of his day. Bill Pickett was one of five boys among the Picketts' thirteen children. Bill left school in the 5th grade to become a ranch hand, and soon he began to ride horses and watch the long horn steers of his native Texas. It was known among cattlemen that, with the help of a trained bulldog, a stray steer. Bill Pickett had seen this happen on many occasions. He also thought that if a bulldog could do this feat, so could he. Bill Pickett practiced his stunt by riding hard and springing from his horse and wrestling the steer to the ground. Bill Pickett soon became known for his tricks and stunts at local country fairs. With his four brothers, he established The Pickett Brothers Bronco Busters and Rough Riders Association. The name of Bill Pickett soon became synonymous with successful Rodeos. He did his Bull-Dogging act, traveling about in Texas, Arizona, Wyoming and Oklahoma. In 1905 he joined the 101 Wild West Shows as they traveled across the country and in Canada, South America, and even Great Britain. In 1921, he appeared in the films, The Bull Dogger and The Crimson Skull...In 1932, after he retired from the Wild West Shows, Bill Pickett was killed when he was kicked in the head by a wild bronco. In 1971 Bill Pickett was inducted into the National Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame.[3]